MVK line

Type Laboratory turbine Tech LT-2 EB
Order No. 30200LT-2 EB

The laboratory turbine LTA-4 is a versatile, compact unit with a lightweight handpiece.
Suitable for precise shaping of press ceramics, aluminium or zircon ceramics.
The spray can be switched on and off quickly.
Suitable for our milling machines FG1 and FG2 through an adapter bush.

Laboratory turbine LTA-4

  • Speed max. 300.000 rpm
  • Compressed air supply
  • Working pressure 2,8 - 3,2 bar
  • Air consumption 40/min
  • Water reservoir 1 l
  • Chuck o1,6
  • Press switch for quick deaeration

Rotor LR-1

Order No. MVK800.0010

Foot pedal LF-1

Order No. MVK800.0012
MVK line
MVK line
MVK line
MVK line
MVK line
MVK line