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Air-liner one Spot Facer Set

Spot Facer Set 0°
Order No.:  13200SF-1

Mobile. Powerful. Precise

The accu-deburrer AL-1 is suitable for  the deburring of drill holes in titan, steel, carbon fibers and light metals.
Main application area is the aviation industry with its numerous rivet holes and grounding points.
Further use is for inaccessible drill holes in metal working where automation is not possible. 



  • LED Spotlight
  • Cost savings of about 400 % compared to air driven tools
  • Relief of the hand roots and tendons because of low weight
  • No residues of sprayoil in breath air through compressors
  • Low noise level compared to air driven tools
  • High operating ratio of the mechanical performance
  • Clean technology

Contents of the case

  • 10000AL-1 Accu-deburrer 0° incl. clamping tool
  • MVK700.0027 countersink
  • MVK700.0127 spot facer Ø 14 shaft 3 mm, cone 4,7 mm
  • MVK700.0128 spot facer Ø 11 shaft 3 mm, cone 2,94 mm
  • MVK700.0129 spot facer Ø 10 shaft 3 mm, cone 4,7 mm
  • MVK700.0130 spot facer Ø 12 shaft 6 mm, cone 4,7 mm
  • MVK700.0126 spot facer inverse 1.HSSZY Ø 14 M4 cone 4,7 mm
  • Other diameters and cones on request.


Lubricant Order No. MVK 700.0063

Technical Data

Speed: 400 min-1
Energie supply: LI Akku 3,7 Volt, 2600 mAH
Length: 280 mm
max. Diameter: : Ø 33 mm
Weight: 325 g
Tool fitting: Ø 3 mm Standard
Optional: Ø  2,35 mm Ø 1/8"
0 ° Straight head
Charging time: < 2 hours
Noise level:< 20dB

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