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FG1 Milling machine
Order No. 70200FG-1

Our milling machine FG1 shows its strengths for simple milling work in the dental lab.

Range of application:

  • Suitable for circular, interlock, groove shoulder pin milling
  • Waxing, milling and polishing work at tapered and telescopic crowns

Model operating table

  • Model operating table is fixed through magnets at the milling table
  • Model table is universal slewable

Milling arm 3 D

  • Depth limit with micrometer screw
  • Drill travel 18 mm
  • Bracket to be locked by treadle switch
  • Fast height fixation by locking screw


Handpiece with spray ALH-1

Order No. 30000ALH-1
Parallelometer PM-4
Order No. 50700VS4
MVK line
MVK line
MVK line
MVK line
MVK line
MVK line