MVK line

Type: Test device PRKM-3 with watertank
Order No. 92000-3/WT

Type: Test device PRKM-3 without watertank
Order No. 92000-3

Our test device PRKM-3 is suitable for testing of turbines, instruments and micromotors with brushes or brushless of all current brands.
The device is equipped with manometers, flowmeters for water, air and air cooling.
The light as well as the media air and water can be switched on / off individually.

Further equipment:

  • Voltmeter, Amperemeter digital
  • Right and left run
  • Continuous speed selection up to 40.000 rpm
  • Foot pedal with two switches optional
  • Motor on / off
  • Media water, air, air cooling on / off
  • On the backside quick connection for water and pressure
  • Optional: Internal water tank
  • Optional: Timer for tightness test for media: Water, air, air cooling
  • Separate light control
  • Turbine hose (without coupling)
  • incl. motor hose acc. to request

A wide range of turbine- and motor hoses of all current manufacturers is available.

540 mm, 380 mm, 300 mm

At request we develop an individual test device.

MVK line
MVK line
MVK line
MVK line
MVK line
MVK line