Norbert Köpsel

Owner and Managing Director

Apprenticeship as industrial mechanic in the field of (measuring and weighing technology)
Industrial foreman in the metal sector
Precision mechanic master
REFA technician
QM Manager
Manager for service and production

1979 - 1984

4 years of experience in the production of measuring and weighing systems

1984 - 2004

20 years experience as QM Manager and Managing Director for a competitor (micromotor manufacturer) in the development and establishment of a distribution system of 70 countries worldwide.

2004 - until today
Foundation of MVK-line GmbH with development, service, repair, manufacturing and worldwide distribution to over 95 countries.
54 countries have been visited personally.

38 years of experience in development, repair, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of micromotor systems for the dental, hearing acoustics, goldsmith and industrial sectors.

MVK-line is the global player for grinding, milling, polishing and cutting in the field of electrically hand-guided micromotor systems.

MVK-line is the contact for economy and politics in many important decisions.

MVK-line serves the most important dealers for micromotor systems with private label products in all leading industries.




The production of our micromotor systems takes place exclusively at our location in Wennigsen near Hanover (Northern Germany).

Our service department repairs all major competitor products in the field of micromotor technology.

Thanks to our many years of experience and our worldwide information network, we can offer you well-engineered, high-quality and sophisticated products.

,,With our handpieces, the future is in your hands''.


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