Mass point Sinker

The spot facer in combination with our Air-liner ONE AL-1 and AL-2 is optimally suitable for processing mass points for the following materials:

  • Aluminium
  • CFRP Plastics
  • Titanium

This creates a mirrored, metallically pure and electrically conductive surface.


  • Clean surfaces
  • High longevity
  • Excellent chip formation and removal

Technische Daten

No.Sink AreaPin ⌀Shaft Length
MVK700.016810 mm3.8 mm36 mm
MVK700.016510 mm4 mm39 mm
MVK700.012910 mm4.7 mm35 mm
MVK700.012811 mm2.94 mm36 mm
MVK700.019811 mm3.18 mm36 mm
MVK700.020011 mm4.7 mm36 mm
MVK700.016912 mm3.8 mm36 mm
MVK700.016712 mm6.3 mm36 mm
MVK700.009712.7 mm3.9 mm36 mm
MVK700.011112.7 mm4.2 mm36 mm
MVK700.009812.7 mm5.1 mm38 mm
MVK700.013013 mm4.7 mm35 mm
MVK700.007813 mm5 mm35 mm
MVK700.016614 mm4.3 mm36 mm
MVK700.012714 mm4.7 mm36 mm
MVK700.019914 mm4.94 mm38 mm
MVK700.020116 mm6.26 mm36 mm


    • Mass point sinker of your choice


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