Model Casting

(Nr. MVK970.0001)

Our model casting set has been specially compiled for the finishing of model casting dentures made of chrome-cobalt-molybdenum.
The set offers all common rotating instruments to ensure an ideal result.

The included burs with the standard cross-toothing, are ideal for coarse removal of all dental materials without ripping the surface, or for fine finishing.


  • Comprehensive set for machining model casting

Technische Daten

HP  ⌀ 2,35 mm

Carbide drillSizeGrinding materialRotational speed opt. / max.Head lengthForm
H1-016-HP016Hard metal25.000 rpm / 40.000 rpm1,6 mmBall
H1-010-HP010Hard metal25.000 rpm / 40.000 rpm0,8 mmBall
H1-007-HP007Hard metal25.000 rpm / 40.000 rpm0,8 mmBall
HF073SFE-014014Hard metal25.000 rpm / 40.000 rpm3,0 mm 
HF138CE-016016Hard metal25.000 rpm / 40.000 rpm8,6 mm 
HF079CE-040040Hard metal20.000 rpm / 30.000 rpm14,3 mm 
HF073CE-014014Hard metal25.000 rpm / 40.000 rpm3,3 mm 
HF251CE-060060Hard metal15.000 rpm / 20.000 rpm13,9 mm 


  • 3 x carbide drills
  • 5 x cutters
  • Storage box

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